Why hire a variance consultant

Traction -
Our consultants are trained to capture even the smallest details of your business to create an effective strategy for designing, communicating and delivering your product or service in your marketplace.

Personalized Business’ experience – At Variance, we feel, understand and empathize with each customer’s unique pain. We know you are building your business to solve a unique problem and we help you develop strategy and content to achieve just that.

Anything Content

Business Plan Writing, Business Proposals and Pitch Decks, Social Media Strategy, Sales pages.


Services Industry-specific business development strategy for every stage of your business growth.

Financial Reporting and Business Intelligence

Bookkeeping and auditing services, Financial Analytics, Strategic Planning and Analysis, Operational Analysis, Business Valuation.

Knowledge Bureau

Executive Coaching, Pitch Training and Strategy Masterclasses, Workshops, and Conferences.

Telling your business story

About us

We are a team of professionals from different industries helping entrepreneurs tell their unique business story. Through writing, design and data analytics, we create the unique business strategy that explains your business journey and charts your organization’s sustainable future. We put together your business ideas and help structure your business in a compelling way that helps you communicate effectively to your customers, employees, investors and all other stakeholders connected with your business.


We use the power and elements of story-telling to craft inspiring and engaging narratives for your business through our business plan and proposal writing services.



Using the elements of design thinking, we approach your problem, idea, project or task in a structured and simplified way that details the final work in an understanding and captivating way.



We understand that a winning business strategy is key for scale and growth. Our strategy development service is focused on achieving just that.



We understand the power of data-driven business decisions. Our data analytics services (business intelligence, financial analysis, strategy analysis, operational analysis etc) is focused on helping you understand the important metrics that impact your business.